Meet the team

Jody Foy

Top Bloke!

Having spent over 10 years working as a road safety and highway engineer he has the knowledge to make sure the events run well. He specialises in route planning and event safety. He is a British Triathlon Level 2 coach and he can help you with any of your training requirements. Jody has also competed in a number of Full Distance Triathlons and endurance cycling events.

Lucy R

Lucy Ridout

The Red Baron!

In roughly 1980ish, a mini Red Baron was sent to the New Forest by the Parish Council for scrumping apples. She later escaped to the Yeovil underground. Today, still wanted by Parish Council she survives as the Red Baron for Immortal Sport.
If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find her then….maybe you can hire The Red Baron.

If you are lucky, you might see Lucy at a Park Run!


Jackie E

In charge of transition!

Not normally seen drinking tea and sitting down, Jackie organises transition and ensures all the rules are adhered to.

Jackie has been involved in Triathlon for nearly 10 years and forms an integral part of all of our events.

You will normally meet Jackie on the way into transition, where she will check you in and make you feel at home!

Lis F and Mrs G!

Ace Marshals

Lis F and Mrs G, often seen on car parking duty or at a drinks station.

Lis F is an accomplished marathon runner who, like a lot of mums, doesn’t get her hair wet when swimming, so only does sprint triathlons…!

Mrs G, is a number 1 event marshal in the the South West, you will see her at events from Park Run to Immortal Sport events. Everyone knows her but she might not remember your name!

Phil E

Easier to list what he doesn't do...

You might not see Phil on race day; that’s because he will be moving so fast he’s just a blur!

Phil can even get you a PB on the run!
Phil performs sweeping duties, so if you’re near the back of the pack he won’t let you even think about walking…thus ensuring a PB every time.

Phil is a pretty handy triathlete, aiming to go under 12 hours at full distance in 2017 he smashed that time and is now closer 11 hours so will be targeting sub 11 in the near future 😉


Steve Allen

Steve A

Captain of the H2O

What Steve A doesn’t know about triathlon swims isn’t worth knowing!
Steve will help you out of the water from the pontoon offering you words of encouragement to take on the bike route.
Extra points if you can get him wet, to date no-one has managed to pull him back into the water…

Caroline S

Too many to list (but not lane counting)

Caroline has volunteered with us for a long time. Super strong with the ability to lift objects bigger than herself. Sometimes providing massage at our events and often taking part then helping. Now a seasoned runner and triathlete Caroline is a key member of the Immortal Family!

Jon F

Apprentice head of welfare

Big Jon needs no introduction…
He can be found riding his mountain bike providing support for volunteers, refereeing our triathlon events and sweep running with Ron the dog!

Rich S and Anita F

Rich S and Anita F

Top Marshal, Registration and Operation Command

Rich S, accomplished triathlete, marshal extraordinaire and sunglasses wearer of the month for October 2016. Normally seen in hi-viz yellow at the events, carrying out various roles. Be sure to give him a smile.

Anita F, seen here in her natural role helping not to confuse athletes any more than they already are! You will always find Anita on registration and after that she is operational control. If the communication systems go down Anita can resort to hand signals!